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Range of production
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Main production

is intended for customers in the aviation and rocketry manufacturing and maintenance.Fuel, hydraulic, oil, pneumatic and oxygen systems of their aircraft, helicopters or rockets are fitted with our hose assemblies. Our products can be found in the following types of machines. Helicopters Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-9, Mi-171Š, Mi-24, Mi-35, W3A Sokol, Kamov Ka-226, Ka-32, Ka-60, Ka-62 Aircrafts Tupolev Tu-334, Tu-204, Tu-214, Beriev Be-200, L-410 UVP, L-410 UVP-E , L-39, L-59, L-159, PZL 130 Orlik, PZL 104M Wilga, PZL 106 Krug , TS 11 Iskra, M18 Dromader, M28 SKYTRUCK, M28B BRYZA, Zlin Z-42, Z-43, Z-142, Z-143, Z-242 Other hoses advantages Industrial teflon hoses are utilized by clients in the fields of chemical and petrochemical industry, refrigeration and food industry, processing, filling and distribution of gas power engineering, automotive production and maintenance of agricultural, forestry and construction industry Teflon hoses advantages Unlimited life time – on condition Unlimited shelf life Teflon is immune to ozone effects Teflon is resistant to concentrated acid Noticeably higher cleanliness of carried fluids TITEFLEX hoses meet all requirements of currently valid relevant international aviation standards. Positive impact on the increase of safety and reliability and the reduction of operating cost proves the fact that more than 40 helicopters Mi-17, Mi-24 and Mi-8 have been fitted with Teflon hoses covering all systems. These helicopters have flown more than 28,000 flight hours in over 10 years without any problem with our hose assemblies.
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