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Hoses for aviation
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The Teflon hoses supplied by THT Ostrava CZ, a.s. are made entirely of Teflon (PTFE) bulk hose of company TITEFLEX EUROPE. The Teflon hoses fully replace commonly used rubber hoses in aircraft systems while improving the technical parameters (resistance to UV radiation, ozone, heat and fire resistance in accordance with the applicable ICAO and TSO standards, unlimited storage time, technical service life, etc.), thus meet the continuously growing requirements for aircraft operation safety. The design of Teflon hoses and materials used meet the requirements for the working media used, temperatures and pressures in the aircraft oil, fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The hoses meet the requirements for mechanical resistance, weather resistance and requirements for technical service life of the aircraft. Comparison of Teflon and rubber hoses Teflon hoses Unlimited life time – on condition Unlimited shelf time Teflon is immune to ozone effects Teflon is concentrated acid-proof The use of Teflon hoses leads to noticeably higher cleanliness of carried fluids TITEFLEX hoses meet all the requirements of currently valid relevant international aviation standards. Rubber hoses Limited life time- by date of production and operation time Limited shelf life Significantly faster ageing In extreme climatic conditions (the equatorial region)due to ozone Every rubber gradually dissolves into the transmitted media They do not conform to new international standards especially in the area of ​​fire protection Hoses are manufactured exclusively from certified components, which secure airworthiness of bulk hose and fittings. Hoses are accompanied by standard documentation confirming the origin of the product in accordance with international aviation regulations EASA Part 21, i.e. every hose is released into service by EASA Form One certificate. Technical description of Teflon hoses is available here
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