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About the company
THT Ostrava a.s. is a Czech joint stock company based at Ostrava International Airport in the Czech Republic. We   are   an   authorized   Teflon   hoses   assemblies   manufacturer   and   distributor,   approved   by   TITEFLEX   EUROPE SAS   company   located   in   Ozoir-la-Ferriere,   France.   Our   products   are   designated   primarily   for   aviation   and   rocket industry   and   aimed   mainly   at   Central   and   Eastern   European   sales   territory   and   for   countries   of   the   former   Soviet Union. We also supply a range of hoses and fittings for use in land-based industries. We   are   equipped   with   TITEFLEX   original   technology   and   we   carry   out   assemblies   of   teflon   hoses   in   accordance with TITEFLEX technical standards. Our   organization   is   a   certified   manufacturer   of   aircraft   parts   in   accordance   with   international   regulations   EASA Part-2,   Subpart   G   for   aircraft   parts   production.   The   quality   system   according   to   EN   ISO   9001:2009    and   Czech Defence   Standards   –   AQAP   2120   is   established   inside   our   company.   THT   Ostrava   CZ   is   approved   by   Military Aviation   Authority   of   the   General   Staff   of   the   Armed   Forces   to   supply   the   Ministry   of   Defence   of   the   Czech Republic . THT Ostrava company is a holder of Permit for Trade in Military Equipment. Titeflex teflon hoses are used on the following aircraft: Airbus   A320,   A330,   A340,   A380,   A350,   CRJ   Serie,   ATR   42   &   72,   Dassault   Falcon,   T50,   Eurocopter   AS350, AS332, AS365, EC175, AgustaWestland AW139, A109, Sikorsky S-92, MI-17, NH90 and many others. We   hold   the   licence   to   conduct   foreign   trade   in   military   equipment   range.   Thanks   to   good   business   ties,   solid relationship   with   producers   and   knowledge   of   environment,   we   are   able   to   provide   spare   parts   for   helicopters   Mi ((Mi-2,   Mi-8,   Mi-14,   Mi-17,   Mi-171/172,   Mi-24,   Mi-35)   and   Kamov   series   (Ka-226,   Ka-32   etc.),   and   other   military equipment in accordance with applicable legislation. Our    staff    is    pleased    to    provide    helicopters    (Mil,    Kamov)    and    their    components    maintenance,    repairs    or modernization in authorized maintenance centres in Russia and Europe. We   can   provide   you   with   interesting   price   quotation   in   case   that   you   intend   to   buy   a   new   or   reconditioned helicopter (of Russian origin).
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